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Default hey guys ssd question!

I've been considering in buying and SSD but i've read that they degrade with time, what's up with that?
is that true or is that just a rumor?

Should i just buy an HDD instead?

the ssd's im considering are :
Intel 330,120gig
samsumg 830, 120gig
or kingstong hyperx 3k 120gig.

Does it apply to these ssd's?

If you have any other ssd's to recommend feel free to do so!
although, I want reliability and some speed, at least 400mb read and write speed!
but mostly reliability, i heard that ssd intend to die quickly for some reason. and there has been a lot of returns. i don't want that hassle :[


Thank you for your time and thanks for the reply in advance folks!

-EDIT : I have considered Crucial SSD's but at the moment the ones i've named previously are the ones that are currently on rebate. Also intel 520 is not on rebate so it is put aside for the moment.

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