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Default Help with a 480

I have had a 480 that had been giving me problems, had it rma'd twice. 2nd time, it was almost two weeks and had not heard anything from MSI and when I called them, they kept transferring me to wrong offices. I was upset, I couldnt think of what to do. Came on here and thought of Soul. All I did was message him and explained him the situation, that was friday night. Come Monday, got an email from someone really high up from MSI and got the card today.

Again, my luck was shitty, the card looked new, placed it in my system, friging artifacts. I was upset. So I replied to Soul, and guess what, he told me the top dude is gonna take care of me. Half an hour, I get an email from the guy that he is checking up the inventory, 20 minutes after that I get an email from him, offering me a 580, i was like sure thing.

So he then emailed some other dude, who spend me expressed purolator paid shipping labels. I will shipping it tomorrow and then hopefully get my 580 soon.

Moral of the story?????

Soul is the nicest, honest and most helpful person I have ever met in my lifetime. Most people want something for their favors, but Soul just does it, because he is genuinely a NICE PERSON. He didnt ask for anything, he just likes to help people. He has helped me before and helped me again. I am really thankful to him. He never wants anyting, what a guy!