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Depends on how much you're wanting to spend...

To overhaul the PC and make it a great gaming PC "Not EXTREME great" But good none the less.

Grab a 2500K for around $200, Good solid Asus Mobo P8Z77-V LK for around $130 with MIR
Msi 660ti PE for around $300 with MIR and Borderlands 2 you could sell if you know anybody wanting the game. Then 8GB G. Skill 1866 Ram for around $50 Than you're set for awhile.

I'm hitting over 9000 on 3dmark 11 with a similar build... That totals at $680
I know you're looking at $300 but my expierence with PC builds is that not jump right into it when you don't have the funds.. Wait a little bit and get the extra money and be happy with what you put together.

Xmas is coming up if you're younger and you could possibly get some of that stuff as gifts...
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