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Originally Posted by stoanee View Post
Cool it is totally grasping at straws here. If the failure is caused by the upside down mounting of the rad, AND they knew about it, the instructions should be very clear not to mount any other way except up. A flaw has been exposed in their equipment and they need to man up & make it right. Replace failed units due to improper mounting and include explicit instructions. Once that is done THEN you can deny RMA. I can't understand manufacturers that do not realize customer service and satisfaction i s part of their product offering.
Except that if the unit is out of warranty then who is to blame? I'm not saying these guys are innocent by any means but you have to remember two things.. 1) CoolIt is out of the retail side of things due to the partnership with Corsair and 2) The unit was out of warranty.

If ANYTHING is out of warranty whether their is a flaw or a problem with it a manufacturer does NOT have to own up to anything hence the warranty. It simply boils down to a manufacturer doing a good deed to fix or replace something but even this can cause issues with manufacturers being to nice.
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