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Well said. very very well said

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
First I want to say I neither take sides with Var or Cool It and I'll explain why.

First off I've gone through the build your own water loop to installing closed loop systems. One of the things I've always figured from the get go was to never install the radiator upside down due to air getting trapped in the top and possibly causing issues same as never have your reservoir below the radiator which also can cause issues. So because of this I will say that Var was at fault for a improper install except that they did not know any better and just installed as they should.

Now Cool It is not innocent either as when I spoke with them I was informed by them that they don't say which way to install the radiator but if they see pictures or something they will inform the person it was done wrong and that in the install instructions that it doesn't mention which way it should go as people should adhere to the pictures and "assume" the correct install method.

But you see this isn't only Cool It issue either as if you go look at the install procedure for Corsair products it doesn't say which is a good or bad way to install the product so really its not Cool It' fault either but generally anyone who makes, manufacturers or distributes these types of products.

So who is really to blame? One side is the user for putting it upside down and the other is the manufacturer for not giving proper instructions on how to install products.

Oh and the general reasoning told by me by CoolIt was that the reason the hardware can fail by putting the radiator upside down is because essentially what happens is the side without the little nub on it is the drain side so when its upside down and you turn your system off the liquid will drain out and cause a big air bubble so that when you turn your system on this large bubble is fed first into the pump causing it to overspin and causing possible failure.

Take from this what you want.
So if a unit is out of warranty and it fails due to negligence on a manufacturer or user error who is to blame and who if anyone should provide something back to the customer?
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