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My System Specs


Originally Posted by mattlef View Post
I wont get enough return on my investment to justify selling :S
(mod hat=off)

And that's a problem right there. When you start to consider money spent on computer parts an investment rather than considering it spent on a hobby that gives you enjoyment, it's not worth it. I'm not saying your used parts aren't worth something, because they are, but you can easily self-justify a price that no one will pay.

Between my TJ07, murdermod parts, and powdercoating I'm into my case for over $600 not including the time I've spent on it. It's looked damn good on the desk for a couple years and I still find myself admiring the lines of the case. However, when it goes up for sale it'll be below the current price of a new TJ07 or I don't think it will sell. I'll get some money in my jeans to spend on my new build, and someone will get a nice case to make their own.
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