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Default laptops with pointing sticks

when it comes to laptops, i would be more interested in the ones that have point sticks.

oh my God, i have such hate and bitterness towards the touchpad. it makes it so hard to navigate sometimes. and right now im using a laptop that has a touchpad that has to return to the void.

the "HP Mini 210 1010nr"

even if it wasnt this model. even if it wasnt HP i would still hate the touch pad because all you do is just swipe. why did they get rid of the ingenious invention? the point stick? are alot of people really that illiterate on how to use the point stick?

anyway so i thought that since im getting that check from edward jones's cold. dead. hands. with a crowbar.

i might be able to save up for a good 300 dollar laptop that has a point stick. maybe 400.....arr. anystick, does anyone know of any laptops that are at least under 400 dollars that have point sticks?

the only one i could find is a lenovo T61 laptop but i feel that there might be a better one out there.