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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
No he is politely saying you got a good chance of having a ticking time bomb ready to go off with the first power ripple....that will probably nuke parts of your rig when it goes BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Learn to take all information as it is meant to be received: as a heads up / you might want to know this about /etc etc.
there are three things that go in my head when you say "BOOOOOOOOOOM"

1. power supply explodes with shrapnel entering my chest going into my heart and then i end up becoming the second tony stark/iron man

2. all the caps on the power supply and motherboard explode

3. everythign in teh computer explodes, fries, or does those two and then catch on fire. with a big explosion.

you know, after hearing about these kinds of things, im kind of doubting the new computer im going to buy....which im still buying. just makes me want to make sure im getting good parts. that wont make a bang so loud it wakes up my dad who is on the other side of the house, or burn, or freeze alot, or make lots of heat.
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