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I dealt with Andrew Wildgoose - Service and Support Manager when I had an issue with my cooler. I don't have any contact for him other than the standard support email address, technical_support AT I think he was great in helping me. I wrote them because I was hearing a bit of a gurgling noise and experiencing temp spikes. He told me my pump was likely dying and would send me the ECO II for free and I that I didn't have to send anything back. He asked for picks of my radiator, to void the warranty. He wasn't exactly clear that was why he wanted it though which kinda disturbs me after seeing this thread. He told me he needed the pic to update their system, not void my warranty.
"I am sorry as there is one more thing I would require from you. please provide me with a clear picture of the radiator serial number sticker for our records."
A little dishonest imo, I understand its necessary to void my warranty but I would have appreciated if they were honest about why they wanted the image.
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