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Originally Posted by ZZLEE View Post
are any of the fans PWM ( 4 pin ) ??

In my 400R Im running 4 pin PWM fans on a fan splitters from my motherboard.

This : Canada Computers | Cooling | GELID PWM 1-to-4 Splitter (CA-PWM-03) -- connect up to 4 PWM fans to CPU socket

Or this :Canada Computers | Cooling | GELID PWM Y Cable (CA-PWM-01) -- connect 2 PWM fans to CPU socket

the two way splitter allows two fans with one reporting PWM speeds

I have not used the 4 way yet
Powers by Molex and has PWM reporter to motherboard.
None of the fans are 4 pin. I just need more 12v spots. 4 120s, 1 140. I might be okay with 1 3 split cable. I guess I'll have to pull it apart first haha.

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