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@sswilson: Do you maintain your cooling while it's running, or during power outages?

As a note on the thermal cycling myth, don't forget that computers past the Pentium 4 era power-gate (switch "off") a lot of stuff when they're idle. Just run any stress test and watch your temps jump, and go back down after the test. If you're paranoid of temperature changes, then you'll either have to fold 24/7 or run a CPU/GPU that's so efficient / inefficient that the heat dissipation barely changes. We'd prefer you do the former and fold

I have all three usage patterns (sleep, turn off, 24/7) going at my household. The usage pattern that wore down my hardware the most was actually 24/7 because I had to replace the fans, which still worked but got noisy. That's why I wouldn't recommend 24/7 on a laptop because it's not fun trying to maintain or replace fans on those.
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