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My System Specs


For 120hz he'll want slightly more than a 660... a 670 will out-clock a stock 680..

The Asus clocks pretty well, I max all settings in BF3 but have v-sync on so the card is never pushed to it's limits... I can tell you that I have NEVER seen it drop below 59FPS (sudden flurry of explosions or the like)

ASUS GTX 670 DirectCu II TOP Review
I have the normal DCII clocked a little higher than the TOP version (room for more but I don't need it), the review says it all, heavy load game with a very heavy load section used to test the FPS..
And it's at a bit higher resolution than your going to use. You'll get a minimum FPS of 60 from it especially oc'd TOP version.

Other than that you need to look at specific games you want to play and find a review of the card using that game (non synthetic benchmarks)

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