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My System Specs


3570k should last about as long for gaming as a 3770k.. games are few and far between that use 2 threads nevermind 4.. and all a 3770k has is extra threads.

A 3770k may last a little longer than a 3570k but I doubt enough to justify the extra spend.. As for the GPU, you'll be looking at upgrading in about 3 years anyway if you want to stay up with the graphical requirements..

Generally I would advise an i53570k based system for about 5 years before a new base is required and something like a 670 will do for about 3 years when you'll want a re-fresh to stay at high level gaming..
The extra cost of the 3770k and 680 are IMO for most people best saved and put into the refresh in a couple of years as a $300 card in 3 years time will likely be twice as fast as a 670.. Better use of your budget in the long run.
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