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Yeah the 680 is EXTREME for sure.. I got the 660ti PE and not complaining at all. 670 is a great choice as well. But if you're a overclocker the say the 660ti PE can reach within 5% of the 670 performance.

PSU: New rule of thumb from Linus is 1000W PSU is more than enough for any gaming pc you're willing to put together.

SSD's are kind of quirky... Id go with something other than the OCZ. Corsair, Samsung, etc....

When I put my build similar to this together I read a lot about ASrock boards and was told pretty much to stay away. I've never owned one so I can't say anything there. Only thing I can suggest with the Mobo is Asus or MSI. Had great success with both. Running the Asus P8Z77-V LK right now and it's a great board for gaming. Great price tag as well. Running a 2500K @ 4.4GHZ No sweat with a ZALMAN CNPS9500. Idle temps 27C-29C, Load temps under P95 never reach above 67C. Did have to use AS3 thermal paste tho.

Gaming performance is what you're after, Go with the 2500K you don't need a i7.

Keyboard, I bought a Razer Blackwidow and completely hate it. Corsair K60 or K90 if you need macro's and Backlight.

Mouse, Logitech G9X :)

IMO BenQ monitors are slightly overpriced when you can get a Asus that'll live up to the same performance.
Actually a lot of the ppl at MLG were complaining about the BenQ monitor. Saying they want the Asus back.

Just my 2 cents I put my build together about a week ago for a little over $1500 If you need anymore suggestions lmk
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