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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I don't mind the corps data mining me, but they'd better damn well be ready to pay through the nose for it. :)
It's no different than TV these days. We pay ungodly amounts to have the "service" brought into our homes, only to be bombarded with 20 minutes of ads for every hour.

As for the SmartScreen concerns, I think it's for the general population to help prevent people from unknowingly installing malware and such. Likewise, that's why Security Essentials (now Defender) is included within too. MS is trying to become a more "secure by design" OS to clean up it's brand. I would say it's beneficial in the end, but for us more "experienced" users, it's obviously concerning to have data being transmitted.

It's no different than Android and iOS though. They all track what you install on your mobile devices. I think that's why Windows 8 is doing it too, likely so you have a "history" in the MS Store so you can re-install your apps on other devices. Have to realize that Windows 8 was built to be a tablet IMO.

One way or another, you are always being watched, monitored, and tracked. Let's face the reality. Nothing that is connected to the Internet is by any means secure. You can tunnel all you want until your connection is reduced to 56K speeds and still, if somebody wants to find you, they can and will. Ultimately there's an IP address tied to your home or device.
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