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My System Specs


And the elephant in the room will once again be me...

You mention your doing gaming, picture editing and "a little rendering".. I can't believe no-one else has suggested not blowing all your cash and just get a 3770k..
plenty of power especially if your only doing a little bit of the work that will push it never mind a hex core chip....
HELL you could build a dedicated rendering rig AND a games rig so you can play while it chugs away for that budget..

Seriously think about how much your spending and how much use you'll actually get out of it..

The biggest 2 regrets I hear from people are "I bought in a shop and it sucks" or "I spend X thousands and it's not being used" (or it's full potential isn't)
Really think about your budget and the different ways you can use it...

If a stand-alone rendering box isn't justified then I dare say you can safely back away from the over-priced gaming e-peen and save yourself thousands..
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