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My System Specs


I still don't see how people are comparing the smartscreen on windows 7 that is incorporated with IE to what is in windows 8. I mean from what I know the Windows 7 one only sends website addresses (not saying this is a good thing), whereas the windows 8 version sends information about anything you attempt to install.

That is a huge difference between the two. Also the windows 7 version does prompt you to set the security settings when you first start IE9. Of course most people just select the recommended settings but at least it prompts you. With this windows 8 feature you are not told about it and it is turned on by default. Just because we can turn it off doesn't change the fact that it should not even be on by default in the first place, or like others mentioned at least prompt about it when setting up first user and all that. Also don't forget that most people will be logging in with their windows live ID's and then everything that they install could be linked to there live ID and therefore to them.

Ah well, just another reason not to install it.
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