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Sorry for the delay in updates but I went off to Lanzarote for a week on a family holiday which was a laugh but it was good to get back!

So I am using magnets for holding on the side panel, cut out a slot in the aluminium angle for the magnet. They were spare from some kitchen cabinets that me and my dad made while we were still in Scotland.

I filled the open end in with filler, have I mentioned how much I love this stuff?

Now quickly glue the other side onto the side panel.

So this is where we are in terms of the actual case! Getting there!

Now back to the fan grills, it is always the details right? Painted and I have added some acrylic between the to grills, which will light along with the rest of the case.

I no longer have any work to do, so I will be finishing this case soon enough :D
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