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My System Specs


There is a few buddies in my clan using the 1k series AMD chips, mostly the 1055/1075 1 or 2 that have the 1090 and 1100 they will on average do at least 4Ghz, but you do need a pretty decent cooler, and you very much need to set things just right, they are apprently much more finicky to voltages, speeds being at just the right number. My 955 can do about 4.3-4.4 on a 212+ cooler push/pull with a M5A99X EVO, and the sabertooth for the most part wa sknown to be able to get the 1090/1100 to roughly the same speeds on average from 4-4.4 though you cannot use cooler like I have you def need a top cooler i.e noctua D14, H80 and the like or temps are just to much and will not stabilize no matter what speed/voltage

Dont forget, if voltage is to much or not enough, if LLC, or cpu-vdda is not just right, it will not happen, something you have to fiddle around with lots, and a little bit of luck. But a 6 core at 4Ghz turbo disabled is still very fast, especially with the HT, and cpu-nb bumped up some, not to many things will make them seem slow lol.
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