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My System Specs


I just found that the AX720s are not an actual surround headset - I'd probably be better served with a good sound card + a Steelseries headset or something if it's just virtual. The AXPro is a true surround although it comes with an external DAC (in which case I'd just use it off onboard or my X-Raider).

Hmm thanks for the note about the weight. What really made the SRH550s uncomfortable for me was the headband - it had two metal wires with something like 2mm of padding, so it concentrated the weight of the headset on two small points on the top of my head. That said, I probably won't want a headset weight much more than the SRH550 I used to have, which is 250 grams not counting the cord.

I do all my audio settings before entering a game, since changing any sound card settings usually doesn't help anything. The "GX" mode on the Xonar U3 is the EAX emulation, and if I have it on, the game usually will crash after 20 minutes or so (either leaky driver or a combination of sounds that causes a crash - could never be too sure).
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