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My System Specs

Default I find it strange how I cannot oc past 3.8ghz

I was bored today so I decided to see if I can break my 3.8ghz OC on my 1100 be sabertooth which I finally got to 4 ghz but not stable enough to run proime 95 for more then 2 mins lol. I have to admitt I am a total beginner to OCing but I dug around through the Net and seem one person that has the same setup on air though at 4.7 which I have never heard of before.
what is strange to me is that I had always though that a system OCed would crash because of heat but my system when I was at 4 ghz never went over 55C when I fired up prime 95 . I am wondering since it isn't heat what is it that cashes my system could it be just a finicky cpu
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