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Default Headphones/headset and PCIE sound card for GW2

Update: I ordered the headset (Tritton PC51U) and I'm waiting on that to arrive. I'll see about that sound card when there is no more MIR + when I test the headset with my Auzentech X-Raider. (I don't buy products if there's an MIR by principle )


Hello all,

As per the title, I want to upgrade my audio setup with the release of Guild Wars 2 (GW2). For the 3-day preview happening now, I'm using a default XBOX360 headset attached through an XBOX360 controller for TeamSpeak (TS) and 9-year-old speakers for the rest of the audio, and not surprisingly everything coming through the XBOX360 headset (both the guild chatter and TS default sounds) is close to incomprehensible. I know my guild's TS is decent, because when I used to play GW1 with them on a Shure SRH550DJ headphone, I was fine hearing all the chatter. I gave away the SRH550DJ to a family member because it was too heavy for gaming - the thing felt like a helmet!

My budget is $225 before taxes and shipping (actually, that's my GPU upgrade budget that I'm transferring to audio as horrible audio is bugging me more than having to drop anti-aliasing). Note I have a Zalman ZM-MIC1 if there's good performance that can be had from an entry "audiophile" headphone + using the Zalman for the mic. My sound cards both have their issues (one with crash-happy drivers, the other getting disrupted by my GPU whine), so I'll likely need another sound card.

I'd like recommendations for headphones, headset, (inclusive) or sound card in my budget for pure gaming. My primary concern is better performance with TS, although the way GW2 is, I wouldn't mind being able to better hear combat and environmental sounds, since every skill activation has its unique sound. I'll also use this for audio in "casual" FPS gaming. As for non-game music and movie listening on the headphones, as long as they equal or beat $25 earbuds I'll be fine.


EDIT: I mainly buy from NCIX (with price matching of course),, and Canada Computers.
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