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My System Specs


Hi RM - Ottawa.

I see the others have answered most of your questions already. I skimmed through the whole thread so I will try to offer a little advice. I must say that 300 dollar budget target is so bogus especially for your setup. I'm glad at least 1 person mentioned that. I would expect to spend well over 500, closer to 7 or 800... maybe more. Fittings can be a killer. As for cases you might want to look into caselabs or little devil cases as mentioned above if you are considering spending that much money on a case. There is actually one for sale at a great price on the BST. I have a NZXT Switch 810 which is pretty cheap as far as price and decent quality and can house a ton of radiators (420 3x140, 280 2x140 plus 2 more single 140mm radiators) If you are capable of minor mods. Others to look at as mentioned before caselabs and tj11. I would also look into the Cosmos II if I had the $$. :D

As for silence it is possible but you will need to go overkill on the radiator. You gotta remember you still need fans for WC, and usually more then you would need for air. I would get a nice fan controller and run your fans at a low speed with a radiator like Alphacool Nexxxos UT60 . You can read the reviews for the performance of this radiator here . It has amazing performance at low speeds. All speeds actually. I am about to order 2 of them myself. :D

As for aesthetics that is really all up to you. Have you chosen a definite motherboard yet? I would say plan your whole color theme around the motherboards color layout. I would be glad to help you as I am big on aesthetics and I have changed most all of my components 4 times in the past year in pursuit of a magazine cover worthy pc! after 3 fails I'm almost there!
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