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My System Specs


If you're only using that OS drive for the OS, then keep your 1 TB drive and get a 80-90GB SSD. I haven't tried this generation of SSD, so I won't comment on which one to get. You can get better performance if you're not using all the space of the SSD (although whether that added performance is noticeable is another story, dependent on the NAND and the controller of the SSD). I assume you're running Windows 7 or newer OS? If you're running Vista or older you'll want to pay special attention whether your SSD can work nicely with no TRIM support (i.e. NOT a SandForce 2281).

Don't get a hybrid drive for your desktop - the one in my laptop helps boot times and application start times but that's about it because the NAND on a Momentus XT is only used for reading. Additionally, there's not much flash on those drives - 4GB or 8GB depending on whether you have a 1st or 2nd generation Momentus XT. What I've noticed is boot times are really good (but still not SSD fast), but backups and installing updates is the same speed as a conventional hard drive.
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