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Default ASUS Zenbook Minidump help

Long story short..

Have an Asus ux21e Ultra book, upgraded to Win 7 Pro, connected to domain (at work) works great.

After connecting Asus USB universal Docking Station
ASUS - Peripherals & Accessories- ASUS USB2.0_HZ-1 DOCKING-STATION
and installing VGA/LAN drivers all seems well and good until closing the lid (sleep mode) when opening the lid I get the typical "press control alt delete to unlock" and then I get a screen with no user to log in, just a "cancel" option that does nothing.

PC just freezes, can only force power down. It will not shut down/hibernate/sleep without error now. I have a Custom restored point that I'm going revert to once data is backed up.

I'm thinking its the Docking Station, (not specified for this model) what I want to do is copy and email the minidump files to myself, but the system will not allow me to...ideas?

And for the record, this is not my ux21e nor did I connect the it to the Docking Station, just trying to remedy the problem. (worked beautifully until the user got His hands on it)
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