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Default OS drive dying; back-up drive is dynamic; what do?

I have a 300 GB Seagate drive with my OS on it but the HD is dying. Of this 300GB, about 60 GB is being used.

I also have a 1 TB Caviar Black drive, partition split 65/35.

The 65 portion of the drive has about 175 GB free.
The 35 portion of the drive is completely empty.

The 35 portion was intended for an OS, the 65 was intended for extra media/steam/sc2/etc. I was about to install 7 onto the 35 portion of my 1 TB drive tonight and found out I cannot install an OS onto a dynamic drive. Damn it.

In order to make my drive basic, I need to evacuate the entire drive. I have no place to store everything on that drive and my friends' do not have any spare HD space for me to lend.

So what are my options? I have to buy a new drive. So what should I get? I've been debating between SSD, Hybrid or Normal... I really do have enough space as it is, but I think I'd like at least 1.1TB total capacity.

Keep in mind I have an old school EVGA x58 board with SATA2 only. I realize a SATA3 works with SATA2 - but I won't get its benefits. I also realize that SATA3 is transferable to a newer mobo for the futre, but I'd just like to point this little fact out...

A quick scout of my options across NCIX and Canada Computers reveals these prices. I have not included OCZ because I've heard terrible things about their reliability.

$75 for a Kingston SSDNow 128GB
$99 for a Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB (SATA3)
$110 for a Crucial M4 128GB (SATA3)
$110 for a Mushkin Chronos 120GB (SATA3)
$155 for a Kingston SSDNow 256GB (seems like a meh deal)
$180 for a Corsair Force 3 180GB (SATA3)

$90 for a Seagate Hybrid Momentus XT 500GB (HYBRID)
$130 for a Seagate Hybrid Momentus XT 750GB (HYBRID)

$120 for a Caviar Black 1TB (CLASSIC)

I've thought about getting a Caviar Blue 1TB + a 64GB SSD like a Kingston SSDNow. That's a viable choice too.

Any advice on brands/sales/choices?


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