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Depends, if you are around 50C at 3.8 you are prob not going to hit 4Ghz on your cooling. Your temps get out of control, the higher your temps the more volts you have to pour into it to keep it stable. The AMDs run better and on less volts the cooler they run. This is assuming you are not trying for any world records, and from my own personal experience.

Just take baby steps, maybe bump up 50mhz at a time and play with voltages a bit if you have to, try to increase as little as possible and let it boot and test for stable, repeat until you can't go any higher and stay stable, then back off a bit(25mhz) and test again.

if you get there 1.5V is safe to hit if you are keeping it cool, but if its going to hit 4Ghz it will do so on less than that and stay stable.

That's my experiance with them anyways, I had a 1055 stay cool at around 40 under load that would not go above 3.8Ghz. Its a gamble when you overclock. The reviews you read online a lot of the time have to be cherry picked pieces. I have very rarely hit the review OCs on my own equipment.
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