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Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
How is this any different from OSX:S when we run MRI even remotely we can see all your programs you have installed or download as well as head office always knows whats on every mac that enters our IP so I'm pretty sure this is just the standards of the IT business now. Anyways who cares, does any of us actually have anything worth hiding?
This isn't really the point.

A company has a right (indeed a responsibility) to know what is installed on its own machines. To a certain extent also machines which connect to their network.

Now if a machine is undergoing troubleshooting or management remotely, it is presumably with the consent of the owner.

The point is, that for the average user this is a gross intrusion to have enabled by default. It should disabled by default and be one of the things the installer ASKS (and discloses what it does) the user if they want enabled.

I personally, and our firm, already had no intentions of going with Windows 8 except perhaps one machine for testing purposes. This just reinforces them.

The move to SSL3 with use of TLS1.1 or 1.2 is a definite move in the right direction as it doesn't suffer from the vulnerabilities that TLS1.0 has had for many years.

(The argument "if you have nothing to hide.." is so old and full of holes it isn't worth mentioning and I'm actually surprised anyone here trotted it out.)
Obsolescence is just a lack of imagination.

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