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My System Specs


Unless your planning to seriously push overclocks the maximus extreme and platinum PSU is a waste...

Sabertooth if you want to stay premium and even the P8Z77 v or V Pro will be plenty for what you need.. all good overclockers and stable.

I would drop to a single 670 as it's more than enough for single screen of that size and will be a better base if you decide to go for multi-monitors or a large res screen later and then need SLI.

Also the PSU is a bit overkill.. 1000 Watt is way more than you need.. as said above, I would suggest an 850 watt for that rig even with SLI, Something like a corsair TX 850V2 will be more than enough and it's Seasonic built so still quality..

Other than those points, All looks good.

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