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My System Specs


With 1 6950 2GB at stock, I could max every single setting except in advanced I had to change 'draw distance' to high or medium instead of ultra. Like that I would mostly get 60fps with v-sync, when walking around outside doing minor things.

In battles it would drop some, sometimes as low as 30-40fps when lots of magic effects were around. Not sure how 1GB vs 2GB compares. But skyrim is very easy on a quad-core anyway, works the GPU a lot more.

So 1 6950 2GB is good enough for most at 1080p.

And now with 2x6950 and the Hi-Res pack, I can set the 'draw distance' to ultra and outside is perfect. Haven't had to check fraps in ages, but it's always at least 50fps walking outside, and in battle outside it seems fine too, no lag, so its always close to 60fps too.

For my own curiosity next time I play I'll turn on fraps to check my fps.

Well I left Whiterun and headed north looking around 360deg all the time, only flickers off 60fps right around Whiterun itself. Thats more coding related I bet, just like in places of Markarth City its 30fps with 1 or 2 6950s

Fought the giants just NW of Whiterun with a bunch of magic types used, never moved off 60fps with v-sync on.

So for 1080p, 1 6950 2GB can almost max skyrim, 2 is overkill

and so 1 gtx560 1GB is alright I "guess", 570 is better, and 2x560 or 2x570 is overkill, assuming their 1GB can handle it, and I'm sure they can otherwise all 1GBers would complain
i7 2700k - 7950 3GB crossfire - 4GB 1866 CL8 - 1600p

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