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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
If you go into the CCC (AMD Vision engine control center) / Power / AMD Power Express you should have the option to select either high performance or power saving GPUs. You should also have an indication of what gpu you're currently running.

Something else I didn't mention about my particular setup is that I have to backtrack several driver packs (or stick with the one from my laptop manufacturer's website) because the latest mobile drivers do not install graphics drivers. If you get into the CCC and you don't see any information WRT your graphics cards it's highly possible that you don't have a driver installed.
Might just be a different version of the CCC but I don't see that option anywhere. This is my view.

Originally Posted by Gameman Advanced Kid View Post
i dont know if you have done this already BUT

have you gone to the manufactures website that made your laptop and look for drivers there?

have you gone to AMDs website and download their drivers there?

have you run windows update?

i suggest you try the graphics drivers from the manufactures site first and see if they solve your problems (they might as a utility that updates the drivers for you too ^u^). you may also want to look to update other drivers on your laptop just in case.

if its still not working right go download the graphics drivers from amd. also check windows update.
I'm going to try to update all the drivers I can right now. Thanks for the tips.
Originally Posted by Arkilion View Post
I once had an alienware laptop, and gaming performance were really poor until I diseabled the integrated gpu in the bios and also diseabled the dual gpu mode, and only let the graphic card run. Maybe there was another problem to that, but at least it helped. As for expecting good gaming performance, at this price range, it's possible, especially with dedicated graphic card in it, as I can get better fps with the integrated intel3000 on my new one.
Any step by step tips. I'll take a look at the bios but I'm always hesitant to mess around in there. I guess they label things pretty clearly nowadays. My biggest problem is figuring a way to ensure that the dedicated GPU is running 100% of the time when I want it to. Any ideas?
Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
Another thing, have you gone into event viewer? you do have a box store special computer maybe somethings failing or defective or your HDD took a trip on the way to you and is giving you the middle finger now. Just a few things to check :)
Looking in there now but its a beast of an application I don't even know where to look lol. Hardware Events has 0 entries under it. There's just so much stuff in there I don't know what to look for...
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