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My System Specs


Originally Posted by RM - Ottawa View Post
Prolab, I was assuming it would be very quiet. If it wasn't significantly quieter than my air build I would be confused. I'm not sure about the reference to rads, but I figure if I get a big enough case and keep them away from hanging out the exterior, my case would be more transportable if need be? I don't have to get the 600 dollar temjin11 case, but I would just feel safe in not having buyers remorse like for my present ss case.

Yes so looking impressive and cool, as well as being quiet are the main things I want to focus on in this project. Decent oc'ing will be expected. (I have also never oc'd before).

What do you guys think about the number of loops and rads etc I will need? Will my budget be more than $1000? $1500? Can you give me an example of a build I could use as a reference, and maybe I would be more successful in researching with that reference point in mind? :)

Well, quiet is a very loose term and subjective in WC. The more you read up on different type of rads, fans and your goal for water DT (Delta) - that's a lot of variables to take into account.

Let's start with your current fans. What kind of fans are they? How many do you have?

So let's assume you have (3) of those specific fans. Are they too loud for you? Tolerable?

If they're tolerable - imagine (6) in total. Now, do you see yourself tolerating it? Or do you prefer just having (3)?

Now once you say you can tolerate it - you're going to find a rad that's closely match to those fans. You have thick and thin rad + variations of FPI (Fins Per Inch).

Too many FPI, you need great static pressure to over come the fins. Now if you want awesome static pressure for your fans, you're going to pay a lot per fans.

Dont mean to confuse you, but you have to figure out all of this + other variables when it comes to WC. Im no expert, but when you carefully choose your components and read up on WC FAQ's - you''ll be more happy with the outcome.
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