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My System Specs


ok like I said I misunderstood the way your BIOS was set up , and I probably shouldn't have replied so early in the morning set the multiplier to 18 and see if its stable and if you have a good CPU cooler and you want to get it higher bump those settings ..

processor voltage AUTO. set it to 1.4v and if its not stable bump in small increments

the other two move only if you are getting unstable and only move one increment at a time IF IT'S unstable .

and as always read on as much information as you can on , in particular the motherboard settings and what each setting does .

ok after reading the manual what the hell is 7 shift ?

CPU Vcore 7-Shift--- (Shift to Higher Performance)
The CPU voltage can be adjusted up by 7 steps for the precisely over-clocking of extra demanding
computing performance.

I am reading the manual for that motherboard now .
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