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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Hunt View Post
I'm currently running a GTX 460, and before that was a Radeon 5770. I didn't notice driver issues for either company during games (single monitor only), but I did run a dual monitor desktop setup. I also would switch monitor cables often since I'd plug my tv in for watching movies. This is where I noticed a huge difference between nVidia and ATI drivers. I have never had an issue with nVidia recognizing a monitor or my tv. When I was running the ATI card, I would constantly have issues with trying to get the monitors recognized when I was swapping. It may not be a big deal to some, but personally I lean toward nVidia since it makes my setup run a little better.

I had constant issues with my 5770 when AA was on... glitching textures etc in a variety of games and tried various drivers...
moved to a 560Ti and they were solved.. explanation? AMD have shit drivers..

P.S, why move from a 5770 to 460.. negligible performance difference.

Originally Posted by Master_Shake_ View Post
this is BS, at the release of the MARS 2 crossfired 6970's were on the top of the performance charts...half way through its product cycle.

Review: ASUS ROG Dual GTX 580 MARS II - Graphics -

take a look 6970's in crossfire are almost always at the top
Look at the 690 review.. nothing but trouble from x-fire.. With more mature drivers too..
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