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My System Specs


cpb control ENABLED.
core enhancer DISABLED.
cpu downcoring DISABLED.
cool & quite ENABLED.<---------------------Disabled
cpu/HT reference clock (Mhz) 200. <---------bump it slowly up to 225 if you want maybe even higher
processor frequency multiplier AUTO.<----------18
cpu-nb fid AUTO.


link speed AUTO.
link width AUTO.
pcie reference clock (Mhz) 100.
sb refrence clock (Mhz) 100.
spread spectrum DISABLED.


processor voltage AUTO.1.4v -1.45
cpu vcore 7-shift AUTO.
cpu-nb voltage 7-shift AUTO.
set memory voltage 1.61v.
nb-core voltage setting 1.35v.
nb-pcie voltage setting 1.15v.

Memory configuration Press enter..
DRAM command Rate 2T.
memory clock mode AUTO.

18 x 225 = 4.050 you can try to lower or raise either one to get it stable , you kinda have to play around and see what works for your setup .

Edit : I've never heard of that motherboard and the BIOS naming is slightly different then I am use to

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