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Default E8400 and Asus P5B overclock

Hello everybody, I am new to the forum but not new to computers at all.

I would like to give a breakdown of my current system configuration.
-E8400 (Stepping E0 shown in Core Temp)
-6gb (4 sticks) ddr2 800mhz (kingston kvr800d2n5k2/4g)
-Asus P5B Motherboard
-Noctua NH-D14 HSF
-Nvidia Geforce 9800GT
-Cooler Master HAF 932
-Antec 850W PSU

My current temps on idle are about 28/29 celcius and within BF3 they hit about 39 degree celcius @ 3.0ghz

Now, what I have tried? Well I've been reading forum posts/threads/guides on overclocking and I think I am on the right track but I'm a bit lost and if anybody can point me in the right direction it would be greatly apprectiated :-)

The CPU is currently at 3.8ghz, windows works 'OK' but I was having a problem loading into BF3 today. I reset the motherboard back to factory settings and at 3.0ghz I loaded int BF3 no issues.
When I run Prime95 with it overclocked, it does give me an error within the first few min and stops the tests.

Here are what my bios configurations were:

One concern I do have is wit hthe DRAM frequency. Since my memory is DDR2 800mhz, when I set my CPU frequency to 423, my DRAM frequency jumps to DDR2-846MHz. So would that mean that my memory is working much harder then it would be at 800mhz??

I am not sure if I should be working on the NB/SB vcore's also.

Any suggestions/help/understanding would be great :-)
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