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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I've approved the post, but had to edit out the link as it was pointing somewhere on the hardware canucks website that didn't exist. If you want to include the link, please include it in a later post rather than attempting to edit the original again. :)

I had commented on the original one that my AMD dual gfx laptop defaults down to the low end graphics unless it's plugged in. AFAIK it will not run the higher end graphics by default when you're on battery. Is that possibly your issue?
Very nice. And thank you. Alright sounds good.
I wish it was that simple. I'm plugged in and have been that way for a while. The windows battery task bar application reports that I'm plugged in. AMD's own Control Center also reports that I'm plugged in so I don't think the problem is there.

Going to try out some 3DMark06 benchmarks to see what kind of performance I can get.
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