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Default Shockingly Poor Performance from New Laptop

Okay. So I made this thread like 2 hours ago but I tried to edit it. Because I'm a new member it was marked as spam and deleted so I was told to repost it. Here it is.

Specs on the Laptop. More avaliable on the BestBuy page.
Processor: AMD A8-4500M
RAM: 8GB No speed is listed on the site, but from what I can tell in CPUZ it's probably 800MHz
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7640G + 7670M Dual Switchable Graphics

I bought a laptop about a week ago for when I go to school. I figured a laptop would come in handy but have never owned one before. Everything looked nice on this one. Quad core CPU, should have no trouble in game. 8GB RAM, they don't tell you the speed but what ever. Hmmm 'Dual Graphics'. Well a 2GB dedicated chip. Seems solid. Should have no trouble at a 1366x768 resolution on low settings. Or so I thought.

So I've tried gaming on the laptop for the past few days. And the frame rates are shockingly bad... What the hell. This is awful. Starcraft2 plays under 60 on low everything and in a battle drops to a bit above 20. Diablo3 does a little better but not by much... A little under 30 when there are things going on. Dota2 doesn't list a frame rate but I tried a game and was experiencing a lot of lag on the lowest of settings. Whats wrong here?

I've configured all these applications to run under 'High Performance' mode in the switchable graphics application. This means they should use the dedicated GPU right? Well if they are that's pathetic. I checked the card out on notebookcheck and should be getting around 40fps maybe more in most games on low settings at my resolution (1366x768). Is this site wrong and is this chip terrible? Is there something wrong on my end? How can I check that the dedicated chip is being used?

In CPU-Z the graphics tab is acting odd. This is what I'm seeing there. In GPU-Z the program reports a whopping 59GB of Memory on the 7670M chip...

Any ideas guys? I really want this thing to perform... And I definitely don't want to be out $800... Help me out.

I'll keep testing things out and updating.

Looks like Starcraft2 doesn't perform better even at lower resolutions. I know the new patch has made the game weird for some people in the performance department so I guess I should leave that one out of my testing.
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