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Default [resolved] second monitor plugged in Motherboard not detected?

So, I'm very proud of myself, my first ever build is completed, I passed all day on this. I had a hard time with wiring and installing the heatsink properly but the computer boot on first try so I guess I managed to do everything correctly.

But... there is always a but eh?
I'm trying to set a dual monitor display. My new 23'' is detected and set as main and working perfectly, it's plugged in the DVI of the HD 7850 GPU.
The second old 19'' monitor (for browsing) has only a VGA plug so I plugged it in my Motherboard (P8Z77-V LK). But it's not detected when I try to detect it in Windows 7 (screen resolution/detect on VGA)

I'm at a loss here, my search on the web turned out only auto detection never what I'm trying to do. My Motherboard should have integrated graphics and VGA support so what am I doing wrong?

Without this little hiccup my installation would have been flawless HELP!
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