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My System Specs


Originally Posted by RM - Ottawa View Post
Guys, I'm having a really tough time researching parts it's just all Greek to me.. Basically I'm thinking of going for the TJ11 case 586.32 free shipping at bestdirect: Buy Silverstone Technology [TJ11B-W] Silverstone Temjin TJ11B-W Aluminum E-ATX Case 9X5.25 6X3.5 Hot-Swap 2X2.5 No PS Black w/ Window

Is this a good decision?

If anyone can give me some choices for different parts it would help, I want flagship type parts. I don't know how many loops will be involved, but with the 2 big vid cards and cpu I'm guessing 2 or 3?

Thanks in advance,

Wow, $500+ for a case?? I thought spending $300 on a case was nuts

Anyhow... i'll ask you this:

Do you want a screaming, OC'able, balls-to-the-walls rig? Or do you want a quiet rig that can OC decently?

For the former - almost any case would work. But, it might also sound like a leafblower.

For the latter - well, you over-rad + low/mid fans. Now when you decide to over-rad, your case choice is limited (if you want it to contain everything inside).

Or another option is get the case you want and install the rads outside the case.

Of course, with that in mind - your budget will creep up as well.

Personally, i would get a case that's reasonably price, easy to mod and i wouldn't cringe if i do decide to mod it. Save the $$$ you save or put towards a better gear.
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