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Originally Posted by Dave Baumann View Post
We do not release boards without "official AMD supported drivers". Every driver we send out has gone through our qualification screening and is an official AMD driver (in the box drivers or downloadable from We may send out drivers without WHQL certification in some cases because the additional cycle time required to get little more than a logo cert may not warrant delaying a product for a potentially significant period. Lack of WHQL, though, does not mean it is not an official AMD driver.
There we are, AMD Releases 10.12 Catalyst Drivers & Redesigned Catalyst Control Center . That's my post back around when the 6870 launched, it had VERY poor crossfire support "release drivers" and only ever worked on the beta ones until the next version came out. This was in games even that had the AMD badge for crossfire and/or eyefinity to boot.

It should be noted though that when the HD6970s came out I don't recall having any driver issues with (the 6970s) crossfire and/or eyefinity. It was literally just the 6870s that seemed to have rather poorly supported and buggy release drivers.
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