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My System Specs


1.. if you can use 2 seperate cards I'd use the IGP in the CPU over the 8800.. if not the 7850 should be ok for 1 screen with a game and 1 for browsing..

On the game.. usually you have to do a fresh install...
BUT once it has "installed" and starts downloading content you can exit, place the files then re-start...
That way you'll get the registry files then not need to download everything...

3 doesn't matter really they both can handle anything standard (and a 7850 won't be enough for high res stuff)..

4.. dunno about capture but Afterburner or the like should do the OC and temp monitoring

5.. get your motherboard drivers.. Sound, lan, chipset, sata controller etc.. go to the asus page for the board and get pretty much all the latest versions of each driver.. (don't bother with most utilities)
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