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Originally Posted by Dave Baumann View Post
Looking at the peak power consumption alone is a little one dimensional. Both cards require 2x 6 pin connectors and if you have a PSU that has two (or more) connectors the likelihood is that you're not taking on additional cost on the platform to support either. There is also a large number of AiB options out there to keep them cooler and quieter.

I think what users should also consider is their usage patterns of their PC. Anyone that plays games for a few hours but then leaves their PC on for a significant period of time then ZeroCore power is potentially buying more back in total PC on-time.
As just a joe schmoe this does make sense about your point on the other AiBs vs PowerCooler (not slamming PC...just like I know you are NOT throwing PC under the bus here, more a case of THIS PC vs other AiB options). I too would love to see what some of AMD's other AiBs boosted 7950s can do. BUT I dont see Skymtl spending more of his own cash to prove this one way or the other.
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