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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Yaaaa, electricity isn't very expensive in this country. Ultimately I think we're talking about pennies a month when comparing power consumption from one video card to another. I can't be bothered to do the actual math, so I leave it up to someone else to prove me wrong. And ya know? For pennies a month, I'm not really concerned about a couple of watts difference from the 660Ti to the 7950. The important metrics are performance, price, noise, in that order. Honestly, a whole bunch of us here are system overclockers. How can we even pretend to be concerned with power consumption? Hell, if you're so concerned about power, turn off all your fancy case lighting, return your components to stock clocks, and turn off your desk lamp.
.... SO true & very well put !! One could also argue as well to use less case fans too or dial them all down to slower speeds !!
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