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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Nothing wrong with Powercolor, mate.

This is one damn fine cooler!!
Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Yes, even powercolour. Everybody has their one manufacturer that they've had nothing but trouble with, Sapphire is mine. In fact I modelled my moderating style here with the goal of being the complete opposite to what I received over at their old support site.
I only mention it cause not to long ago, there was alot of peaple slandering powercolor for being bad for whatever reasons ... Meanwhile i've now owned 2 back 2 back oem/original blower models by them & in fact they've had higher oc's on them then the same from other companies ...

Myself im not realy biased against any companies accept maybe Asus cause of my own experiences with them (yes I do own a asus mb but i couldnt resist for the deal i got on it) & also a ex friends experience working for them internaly on there business side of things .. Kinda reminds me further how tons of peaple slag biostar & ECS for there products ... but there a company(s) whom to have been known for some "sleeper" products.
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