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Originally Posted by kirbster View Post
This always seems strange to me as I have used both and have not had any real issues with either Nvidia or AMD. I tend not to run multi gpu setups, maybe that's why, but I can honestly say I have never had any issues worth mentioning with ati/amd and I have built a ton of computers and even switch back and forth between them on the same build. I must be a very lucky guy. sorry that many do have issues though.
I agree here with kirbster ..... I honestly think this whole "nvidia's drivers are better" argument comes off so "fanboyish" its not funny .... AND as I pointed out previously as tom's did a few years back nvidia's drivers are MAYBE better preforming ONLY CAUSE there cpu clock accellerated! Only on the RARE occasion is there a actualy hardware conflict that causes the driver errors to occure.

The ONLY time peaple ususaly have issue's with a driver on a system is IF the previous other company's drivers & registry markers are left on the os before the install of the other card. This is where nvidia is most guiltiest of trickery cause when you do a full uninstall of there stuff .. there still is traces of it in the registry that cause a ati/amd product to not funtion properly .... This has been reported on MANY forums over the years someone goin from nvidia to ati/amd & when it not working right sayin "**** this **** ati/amd card im returning it & gettin another nvidia card. And shure enough that new nvidia card preforms like the previous one. Meanwhile anyone whom knows to or does so themselves the driver cleaner thing .. will do so & not have a issue enjoying there new ati/amd card.
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