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My System Specs


Some are saying it doesn't sound like a dead part... to me it does.. Psu or Mobo.. (as long as it's not the board shorting on anything)

Try with the board out of the case.. it can be a case of a mounting or a loose screw or god knows what having moved slightly when you were re-wiring..
If this is the case you need to check the tray has no barbs of metal or cable-tie point that could reach the back of the board
Also count how many stand-offs there are and make sure they match the board (position and number) and they aren't damaged in any way..

I would pull the psu from the case and remove all connected wires... Add the 24 pin and 8pin motherboard connectors and try with cpu only installed..
Then add 1 part at a time.. ram(each stick).. then GPU.. then HDD's.. then all your extra's..

If it all works, great.. but that means it is a problem with the case or you simply didn't have something plugged in correct..

The local store you got the PSU from.. you could always get them to test the psu / board for you if you can't find the problem before you start RMAing stuff in different countries..

On the not wanting people to know where you are... really? you a spy man? :P country even would be good.. hell if we wanted we could find out easily enough(down to ISP and general area) so it's not like your in any danger if you say I live in china or russia or whatever.. Hell I live in Kiev.. good luck finding me.. :P
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