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My System Specs


Alright everyone here i will list what i have done and what i haven't done (but i might try doing)

What i have done:

- Inserted paperclip into PSU main power cable (20 or 24 pin one) and jumpstarted it. Tested the voltage out of each and every cable and got the correct numbers.

- Tried booting with normal setup (everything connected) = no boot.

- Tried booting with just ram (all sticks), cpu, gpu (with the two pcie cables not the adapter) but no HDD SSD or Disk Drive = no boot.

- Tried booting with just the bare minimum (no chasis fans, no LEDS, no ssd, no hdd, no disk drive) just 4 sticks of ram, cpu and onboard graphics= no boot.

What i will try doing:

- Take out the motherboard from case and try booting with bare minimum but all ram sticks. If boot fails, ill test each and every ram stick.

- Put in graphics card and try boot. If boot fails, then i suppose my GPU is bad?

If my computer ends up booting successfully with everything connected but out of the case (GPU, all ram, ssd, hdd, disk drive, ect) what would be my issue then? The stands off? When i did cable management i never took the motherboard out or any ram sticks, or the graphics card out.

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