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GJ you found a cheapass headunit that I'd never use in a million years and that doesn't have any of the abilities that I value. It has track control... whoop-de-do.

The only good nav headunits are Alpine, Pioneer, and to some extent Kenwood. Alpine has no android specific support. Pioneer has no specific android support. Kenwood doesn't seem to have any either. I can't find any headunit that allows you to do much more than skip tracks and maybe scroll thru the track list with android.

The ability to read the memory like a USB stick is not what I want.

Jesus why do some of you people have such an emotional stake in who makes a better phone? They're different... different features and strengths that appeal to different users. I don't even care for the way apple does business, I'd never buy a mac because they've always been useless to me but I don't have to be a condesending douchebag to people who they are valuable to.
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