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Originally Posted by rommelrommel View Post
It's a small market but they've repeatedly said that the lack of standarization is why android doesn't get support. Much easier to say works with ipod/iphone rather than works with Model A, B, C, and D android, may or may not work on others.

Anyways we can argue what if all day but it doesn't change the fact that android has no support in car audio (and very little demand it seems, or you would think one of the majors with poor/no ipod support would have supported android to try and get that market.)

Enough is enough of the this argument as sadly saying apple is better cuz it works with car stereos where android doesnt is complete and total crap, why you ask CUZ ANDROID/iOS/BB all have tons of decks they work with in our cars we have a cheap JVC JVC Bluetooth Dual USB Media Deck with iPhone/Android/BlackBerry Control & Variable Colour (X50BT) : Single DIN Car Decks - Future Shop works great with everything and in my wife's truck Kenwood Bluetooth USB/MP3/WMA CD Car Deck with iPod/iPhone/Android Control & Aux Input (KDC-BT852HD) : Single DIN Car Decks - Future Shop Both work flawlessly so before saying that companies havent jumped on do a damn google search hahaha. and Android for a win even if I work at a Apple Repair site their not going to force me to switch back to the iPhone the Galaxy SIII is the best smart phone IMO on the market at the moment dont get me wrong apple or some other company might throw down a great phone maybe The New iPhone will blow it away but the 4s is nothing better then the 4 and both those phones are great PDA's horrible cellphones haha
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